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Skyline 600 MK2

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Best led grow lights with passive cooling making them 100% silent. and water proof. Only using 300w

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Skyline 600 MK2

Best hanging heights for skyline

Vegetative stage: 24 to 30 inches (60 to 76cm)
Flowering stage: 14 to 20 inches (35.5 to 50.8cm)

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The Skyline MK2  Full spectrum LED grow lights are  the latest development from  Bringing together the best in high-tech materials with passive cooling and LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow light systems.  These units are a step change when it comes to build quality and real world performance.


  • Free UK Delivery 
  • Hanging KIT & Power Lead 
  • 5 Years Total Peace of mind Warranty
  • 5 years Technical / after sales support
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • From a UK based Company – no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.

At the core :

The series is based around a single 100W modular LED unit which is fitted with CREE’s powerful Cree® 3030 LEDs series   This unit is fan-less, and IP65 rated.  Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE ) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonders in the grow room.

Each version of the Skyline led grow lights uses a different arrangement of the 100W modules. The design uses high quality LED driver units, and all wiring and connectors are sealed and even water-tight.

 Key Features

1. Advanced Alumimum-Fin heatsink, providing cooling without needing noisy fault prone fans.

2. Mix of white light to make full spectrum.

Our blend appears visually primarily white due to the balance of the output spectrum,

which both the plants and growers both LOVE.

3. The modular structure is industrial grade and highly serviceable and upgradable.

4. Heavy-duty KIT.

5. Unique design using removable power supply and light source

6. Supplied with a generous 5M cable and mains plug.

 7. Weight 9.5KG

8. Only using 300w power

The Skyline includes a heavy duty KIT.


Very quickly rising to the top of our hot list, the Skyline is a massive performer.  The combination of stealth-bomber looks and large surface area of powerful LED point sources set the scene and follow up with explosive results in the growing phase, huge flowering and unbelievable yields of rock solid sticky buds.  With the high yielding varieties, or anything for that matter, this lamp can really drive them beyond expectation.

Real-world results are important to us, and this lamp definitely is a massive move in the right direction.  But of course we’ve also put the final setup through the usual barrage of tests to characterise its performance and give you the figures you’ll want to know.



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Additional information

Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 54 × 37 × 17 cm

7 reviews for Skyline 600 MK2

  1. Grow JEDI

    I have 2 Skyline 400 and this 600 have more coverage and great that its only use 300w laki.
    This skyline 600 replace my 600w sodium perfect.
    Heat in my tent is under control.

  2. JJ

    Great light works perfect. My old lights get very hot and in summer it was hard to grow. This summer with skyline I had no problems with heat.
    Also save over 50% on my powe bill
    Will be getting another one next month

  3. Smokey J

    Nice quality unit, bit heavy but hangs nicely in my tent.
    Much brighter the my HPS. My plants love it.
    Not the cheapest but it works great.

  4. Stealth

    Bought Skyline 600 after using a super Helios 4 last couple of years, have to say super Helios is a great light and I was very happy with performance. I haven’t used LED lights before trying the Helios but after seen what was possible with Super Helios I decided to upgrade to a Skyline 600w. Led hydroponics and the owner Muddy are a fantastic company and Muddy is very helpful,Muddy has no problem going that extra mile to help customers if needed,his follow up support and warranty is amazing,he also has a wealth of information about growing with LEDs he is happy to share,you can find many videos on his YouTube channel or give him a call if your a customer in need of advice or just looking to setup a grow room,the guys a pure gentleman.i don’t hesitate to recommend Muddy and LED hydroponics they offer a first class service with excellent support.

  5. dan

    Have bought a few different designs and manufacturing styles before finding one that met my needs for size & output. This light came brand new and well packages in plain brown box.
    This unit consume 300w power and covers my 4x4ft tent perfect. Just completed grow and was amazed with my yield.
    Also got great advice from Muddy, great customer service.
    Rated 5 out of 5

  6. woddy

    Just made my 3rd purchase from L.E.D. Hydroponics, the manufacturing quality of these lamps is second to none, low operating temperatures, and, NO NOISY FANS!! Honest, fast, efficient service. Thanks again to all at L.E.D. Hydroponics. Keep up the good work!!

  7. Brat

    This light are VERY bright! The LED have good light penetration with a very natural light spectrum, and the lens helps to give a good spread from the light. Good customer service.
    Love that is from UK company. i had problem dealing with Chinese factory’s, cant understand their English and take weeks to get anything done.
    Rated 5 out of 5

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